Our handmade soaps are only made with a blend of natural oils and butters, nothing else!

All my handmade soaps use a mix of coconut and olive oil as the base which makes them gorgeous in themselves.

Shea butter is added which melts into the skin and Sweet almond oil as it is full of vitamins alongside Apricot kernel oil which is full of anti oxidents. Once you try a handmade soap made with only natural oils and butters you won’t want to go back to a commercial product. Go on give it a try!

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  • Lavender and Lime soapDSC_0022

    The Lavender and Lime soap is smooth on the skin, with such an uplifting and refreshing citrus and floral scent. A pretty and simple purple soap that is a firm favorite in the mornings!

  • Bluebell and Lavender soapDSC_0026

    This is a firm favourite with everyone. The smell of Bluebells is so reminiscent of Spring! Add to this, the soothing smell of Lavender oil, and you have a soap that makes you want to jump in the bath! The mix of Bluebell and Blueberry colours make this soap such a pretty addition to the [...]

  • Lavender and Lime soapLime and Lavender soap

    The mix of soothing Lavender and the clear smelling citrus Lime oil make the perfect match to lighten any mood! The poppy seeds make great little exfoliators!

  • Ylang Ylang and Lavender soapDSC_0002

    Exotic Ylang Ylang with the calming smell of Lavender. Two scents when combined form a gorgeous and balancing soap, which smells truly lovely. And so pretty with the different coloured mauve swirls!

  • Geranium and Ylang Ylang soapDSC_0004

    A really gorgeous floral combination of the fresh rosy smell of geranium combined with exotic Ylang Ylang. A subtle mix of different creams and pinks make this soap look so pretty in the bathroom. A perfect gift!

  • Lucky Dip soapDSC_0016

    If you want to buy a selection of my handmade soaps then this multi pack of three is perfect. You can choose a mix of all poppy seeds, no poppy seeds or a mix of both. Only £11.00 for three soaps with a minimum weight of 255gms. This makes a lovely gift.

  • Lilac and Lavender soapDSC_0024

    This handmade soap combines the soothing scent of Lavender essential oil with the beautiful fragrance of Lilac. It really does evoke memories of Spring. This is a really pretty soap made with multiple swirls of mauve, and looks lovely in any bathroom. You can also combine it as a gift with the Lilac and Lavender [...]