Spring scents

Hello again everyone! Isn’t it lovely now that Spring is soon here, I have a garden full of lovely bulbs all in bloom! And now I have all my new Spring scents as well, Bluebell and Lavender soaps and candles, absolutely lovely! And also check out my new triple layer candles!. I have my floral mixes, a top layer of Geranium, that then blends to become Geranium and Lavender, then Lavender, then Lavender and Bluebell, then Bluebell! So five different combinations all in one candle. They are proving so popular, which makes up for the fact that they take a full day to make! Anyway hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!!

Love gillian@verula.co.uk

Club AZ

Just a quick note to say Verula will be at Club AZ on Tuesday at Millcourt and on Wednesday at Mereview at Alderley Park. My dear friend Jan is running my stall so please do come and say hi to her !
Then on Sunday I am at Tytherington golf club Xmas fair from 11 till 3pm so pop along.

Love gillian@verula.co.uk

Rossendale trust rocks !

What a lovely evening at Club AZ supporting the Rossendale trust for disabled children. A fabulous fashion show put on by the The moving boutique , by Kath and Sue . And using the young girls from the trust as models was really touching, very moving! Great to be next to Pamela Johnson from Artistryinflowers who showed us a great flower arranging technique for Xmas. Super evening all round, and thanks to all who bought from Verula, hope you enjoy your handmade soaps and candles!
Love gillian@verula.co.uk


What an evening! A new brand is born , Chundles! That is what happens when two great little cottage industries come together , my Verula and Specialpreserves.co.uk. Chutneys and candles, all in one place ! A great night was had by all, with everyone stocking up with unique Xmas presents, and scoffing on Penny’s yummy Apple and Tatton ale chutney. Thanks so much to everyone for turning up. And if anyone wants more, we are both at Club AZ, in Macclesfield for the Rossendale trust, a great cause!

Ready for Autumn ……??

Dear all, lots going on now as everyone is getting ready for Autumn and long dark nights! If you now need your candles, then start stocking up. I did some autumnal experimenting this weekend with new scent combinations and I will soon let you know what is new to Verula. And as for the soaps, a new little addition to my range, Green Tea and Rosemary, is absolutely lovely. When it has cured in six weeks time I will add to the site, but it smells so fresh, I hope you like it as much as I do. My kitchen smelt lovely as I was preparing it. It has also been confirmed that Prestbury Xmas market has asked me to have a stall again so looking forwards to that!

Love gillian@verula.co.uk

Summer sunshine

Long time no posting. Apologies everyone, just lots going on. A new kitchen and extension means even more space to make everything. Lots of candles and soaps being made for family and local friends.
Many thanks to my dear friend Penny from specialpreserves.co.uk. Swapping lots of chutneys and jams for my candles, perfect! Do check out her website and order!
Anyway looking forward to darker nights to make the most of my candles and new scents being worked on as we speak, so will let you know what will be on sale for the autumn
Love gillian@verula.co.uk

April news

Still waiting for spring to arrive, and waiting and waiting! In the mean time, I am looking forward to my next outing with my soaps and candles at Astra Zeneca on Thursday lunchtime, 25th April in the Mereside restaurant. If you know anyone who works there, then tell them about my stall so that they can come and say Hi. I have all my new handmade soaps, such as the Lilac and Lavender that are now ready to sell. They look lovely with all the different purple swirls and they smell divine! Will let you know how I get on
Love gillian@verula.co.uk

March madness

Here’s hoping everyone is still enjoying all the presents from Xmas! I am in my kitchen making a new batch of Lilac and Lavender candles, and due to popular demand, will also have my first batch of matching soaps! They really do smell as gorgeous as the candles! The Lilac just makes you think that Spring is round the corner, ( she says as she watches the snow out of the window!!). So as soon as my new lables arrive, they will be on the site. Do let me know what you think!

Love gillian@verula.co.uk

February already!

hello everyone! What a great day in London on my perfumery course. So much learnt about professionally combining essential oils to make new scents. Starting to put it all into practice to come up with some new ideas, so do watch this space in my soap section! Better still subscribe now for my updates and you will be the first to know when a new one is launched. Simply add in your email to the subscribe box to the right.
We ended a very long day by mixing our own personal perfume of our favourite oils, which is a lovely reminder of the day .
Love gillian@verula.co.uk

Snowy January

Belated Happy New Year everyone!
Spent lots of time over the festive period making more lovely candles and soaps, as so much sold for Xmas presents! I hope everyone’s enjoying their lovingly handmade candles and soaps, it really is the perfect time to be lighting candles! I have a Lavender and Lilac one lit at the moment, which is probabaly my favourite!
I am off on a perfumery course in London this Saturday, which I am so looking forward to. I have homework of smelling over 20 fragrances so that I can recognise the new fragrances. I can’t wait to come back with lots of new ideas for both my glass candles and soaps! So watch this space!

Love gillian@verula.co.uk