About us

Verula was set up to make it easy to buy fabulous handmade candles and soaps. My philosophy is
to use only the finest smelling essential oils where available or really good quality fragrance oils,
such as Bluebell, where essential oils don’t exist. By purchasing from Verula, you are supporting the
production of homemade hand-poured candles and hand-stirred soaps – with a little help from stick

The candles are made in my kitchen, iPod blaring out, using good quality wax, and simply adding
beautiful scents. All as I said, handmade to ensure many hours of happy burning. A mix of fragrances such as Lavender and Lilac, Opoponax and Citrus Blend with Basil are perfect to match any mood or occasion

As for commercial soap and hand wash products, if you read and understand the labels, they are so
full of chemicals and detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulphate which
can damage the skin barrier function. They also include cocamide dea as foaming agents, which can
be a skin irritant. Who wants that on their skin?

As someone who is very health conscious I wanted to make products that only use natural
ingredients that are known for being kind to the skin. My soap bars use a mix of lovely oils such as
coconut, olive, apricot kernel, sweet almond and shea butter. That’s it! All have lovely individual
qualities such as sweet almond oil which is full of vitamins A, B and Omega 9 and apricot kernel oil
which is full of anti oxidents such as vitamin E and is great for dry or problem skin because of its skin
softening properties. And as for shea butter, it simply melts in the skin. Once you try a handmade
soap from natural oils and butters you won’t want to go back to a commercial product.

It is a similar story for my handwashes, when I get ready to launch them. The main ingredients include my staples of coconut and olive oil and shea butter, plus sunflower, rice bran and castor oils. All lovely properties and as ever, kind to the skin. With two choices of either the liquid foaming handwashes or the creamy hand wash, both feel very different to commercial products. Give them a try and see for yourself, and let me know
what you think.